Pretty fly: The Protea Hotel Fire and Ice Cape Town Hotel rocks the Red Bull Flugtag

Pretty fly: The Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town rocks the Red Bull Flugtag

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town / Western Cape (South Africa)

Pretty fly - Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town rocks the Red Bull Flugtag.

Pretty fly – Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town rocks the Red Bull Flugtag

It’s doing a cannonball, into a pool of tequila. That was the general consensus among the judges when it came to the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town Red Bull Flugtag team’s soaring burger. The fast flying food was designed and launched by Captain Jody, Amazing Dave, Burger Wings and The Other Guy.

The team in Cape Town, South Africa, spent weeks flapping arms, wings, and flippers over the hotel’s swimming pool practicing beating gravity before the big day on Sunday, December 9, which was held at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. What with Amazing Dave’s years of experience crafting paper aeroplanes, they were confident their burger would triumph, beating the 41 other teams entered into the event.

On the big day, the Team Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! were the third to go up. After pushing their massive burger-plane up a steep ramp off the end of a pier at the V&A Waterfront they performed their war dance (think the haka meets Madonna circa-1985) and some carefully choreographed Martha Graham moves. And then they took flight.

Their burger flying machine flew a full 6.8 metres into the Atlantic – perhaps not the longest flight recorded but it had, by far, the loudest landing of all the planes. The judges, who included Sias Du Plessis, Seth Rotherham and Elana Afrika, gave TEAM Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! an overall score of 7/10. But the 220 000-strong crowd, says The Other Guy, gave them a definite 10/10 in cheering.

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