1Time Airline Liquidates – South Africa

1Time Airline Liquidates

1Time Airline Liquidates - South Africa

1Time Airline Liquidates – South Africa

The South African domestic airline 1Time has announced liquidation. Earlier this year the airline applied for business rescue and this afternoon (Friday 2 November 2012) the company officially announced their liquidation.

The announcement left passengers stranded at airports around the country as planes returned to bases. Staff were allegedly only informed of the decision this Friday and passengers with fully paid flights were left sitting at airports around South Africa with no-where else to go and no way to get there.

“This afternoon at about 2.30pm, the 1Time board, together with business rescue practitioners, decided to suspend services with effect this afternoon,” CEO Blacky Komani announced.

Earlier this year 1time made headlines for engine failures on a variety of their planes and another of South Africa’s domestic airlines: “Velvet Sky” also liquidated earlier this year after failing to get business rescue granted.

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