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Helicopter Flight over the Victoria Falls

Embark on an adventure of a lifetime and fly in a Helicopter over the magnificent Victoria Falls which border Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa.

Helicopter Flight over the Victoria Falls Overview

Experience the unforgettable adventure of admiring the Victoria Falls which form the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Southern African, from a helicopter. The sheer size of one of the highest waterfalls in the world becomes even grander when admiring it from a chopper.

The magnificent Zambezi River is home to crocodiles and hippos which can be observed below in the shallow water.  Elephants browse on lush green islands as the water spreads and plummets many meters down into a gorge creating a spectacular burst of spray.  After the waterfall, the Zambezi runs into a narrow river which rushes down the funnel of scenic gorges.

This thrill seeking, twelve-minute Helicopter Flight over the Victoria Falls and nearby surroundings takes guests over the actual Falls and the Zambezi River. The departure location for this Helicopter Flight is at the Day Activity Centre and the relevant game lodges and hotels.

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