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Port Shepstone Tourism Information

Quick Facts: Port Shepstone

  • Museum:  Mainly maritime history of shipwrecks and shipping
  • Port Shepstone Museum
  • River rafting and boating
  • Swimming in tidal pool
  • Banana Express
  • Oribi Gorge: bungee swing and highest natural commercial abseiling facility

Distance to Airport: 18 km

Distance to City: 18 km

Introducing Port Shepstone

Port Shepstone is situated on the mouth of the River Mizumkulu. It is the largest town on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, South Africa, and was named after Mr. Shepstone who was one of the area’s most prominent citizens.

In 1867 marble was discovered near the river mouth and the town flourished from 1879. A harbour was built to be able to get the farmers agricultural products sent to Durban. In 1901 the railroad from Durban reached Port Shepstone. The main products from this area are subtropical fruit, sugar, sisal and timber.  The lighthouse was cast in Britain and shipped out in component form.

Port Shepstone situated on the KwaZul-Natal South Coast in South Africa, is home to unspoiled sandy beaches with warm waters rich in marine life.  Port Shepstone is a popular tourist destination and offers a diversity of attractions and activities.  This coastal region of South Africa is ideal for fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming. The 18km of coastline and stretches of rolling surf are ideal for surfing, ski-boating and jet-skiing.

Visitors may also take the opportunity to go on a boat trip and watch whales and swim with dolphins.  The Mzimkulu river, which means 'Home of all rivers', is the largest river of the South Coast and meets the sea at Port Shepstone.

Enjoy leisure boat trips on these glistening waters and admire the rich wildlife and bird life along the banks.River rafting, boating, canoeing, windsurfing and water skiing are all available at Port Shepstone.The Mzimkulu River cuts inland and joins the Mzinkulwana River to form the 24km long magnificent Oribi Gorge.

This gorge boasts spectacular rocky outcrops such as the Overhanging Rock and the shimmering 170m Lehr's Falls. Here, one can enjoy the thrill of the world's highest commercial abseil at 110m. There are also hiking trails through beautiful scenery resonant with over 250 species of bird calls and the forest sounds of buck and baboons.