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Quick Facts: Manzini

  • Manzini is a district of Swaziland which is situated in the central western region of the country
  • The Manzini district occupies an area of 5,068 km²
  • This district has an approximate population of 350,000
  • The Manzini district of Swaziland is subdivided into 16 tinkhundla
  • The administrative center is the town called Manzini
  • The Manzini district shares borders with all 3 other districts of Swaziland: Hhohho, Lubombo, and Shiselwenini

Introducing Manzini

Manzini is a district of Swaziland which is situated in the central western region of the country.  The Manzini district in Swaziland covers a region of 5,068 km² and is home to about 350,000 people.  This district of Swaziland is subdivided into 16 tinkhundla.  The administrative center is the town called Manzini.  The Manzini district, Swaziland, borders all three other districts of Swaziland: Hhohho in the north, Lubombo in the east, and Shiselweni in the south.