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Southern Mozambique Tourism Information

Quick Facts: Southern Mozambique

  • Southern Mozambique includes 3 provinces: the Gaza province, the Inhambane province and the Maputo province
  • Inhambane is a quaint historical town on a bay opposite Maxixe
  • Maputo is the capital and largest city of Mozambique
  • Matola is an industrial city of nearly half a million people with the capital of Maputo Province
  • Maxixe is a bustling city on a bay opposite Inhambane city with the capital of the Inhambane Province
  • Morrungulo
  • Xai-Xai which is the capital of the Gaza Province in Mozambique well-known for its beach: Praia do Xai-Xai
  • Bazaruto Archipelago
  • Ponta D’Ouro, Ponta Mamoli and Ponta Malongane

Introducing Southern Mozambique

The most popular time for travel to southern Mozambique is from April to September when the rainfall is low and the temperatures are milder.  Access to Ponta D’Ouro is best via the Kosi Bay border of South Africa.

Provinces in Southern Mozambique:

  • Gaza province
  • Inhambane province
  • Maputo province

Cities in Southern Mozambique:

  • Inhambane
  • Maputo (the capital and largest city of the Mozambique)
  • Matola
  • Maxixe  (the capital of the Inhambane Province)
  • Morrungulo
  • Xai-Xai (the capital of the Gaza Province)