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Blue Train Journey Pretoria to Cape Town

2 Days

Relax in luxury and comfort on the three days Blue Train Journey from Pretoria to Cape Town and watch the world go by.


Blue Train Journey Pretoria to Cape Town Overview

The Blue Train, Pretoria to Cape Town. Relax in luxury and comfort on the three days Blue Train Journey from Pretoria to Cape Town and watch the world go by.

The gourmet dining, butler service and luxurious facilities on board of The Blue Train are complemented by an informative visit at Kimberley's 'Big Hole' diamond mine and museum.

The Blue Train travels this extraordinary 1600 km train journey in 31-hours. Southbound, from Pretoria to Cape Town, this unforgettable train trip includes off-the train excursion (weather and time permitting) such as the diamond town of Kimberley where one can explore the Big Hole and the Diamond Museum.

The routes of The Blue Train in South Africa take guests through some of the most breathtaking countrysides. As the ever-changing scenery flashes past the windows of The Blue Train as guests enjoy exquisite meals which have been freshly prepared on board.

The delicious meals are complemented by the best South African wines. The suites on The Blue Train live up to their reputation for magnificence and splendour. The most elegant bed linen, marble tiles and gold fittings in the bathrooms and sheer opulence provides travellers with an unforgettable holiday experience.

All the public cars of The Blue Train in South Africa are fitted with gas-filled air-conditioning systems. A standard internal temperature of between 20 to 21°C is maintained throughout the journey. For the comfort of guests, each suite has individual temperature controls which range from 18 to 24°C. These systems are water-cooled, and each suite has its fresh air intake.
During cold periods, all systems are provided with heating cycles from the air-conditioning units, as well as under-floor heating. Heating systems have been fitted with the marble tiles of most of the bathrooms.

Each suite on The Blue Train features its bathroom with either a shower or bath. There are two luxury coaches who both have three suites with bathrooms fitted with tubs. The other nine De Luxe coaches have four suites per coach. One of the four suites has a bathroom with a bath, while the other three have showers.

The beds have been custom-designed for The Blue Train. A butler pulls them out, already made, from a space in the suite wall, converting the lounge into a comfortable bedroom. White cotton sheets and down duvets are the standard linen throughout the train. Ten of the suites feature double beds on the first train, while there are nine on the second. The luxury suites have hi-fi, audio CD and VHS video systems.

The dining car provides seating for 42 people. There are two sittings for lunch and dinner. Lunch is smart-casual, dinner is a jacket and ties for the men and elegant wear for the ladies, while breakfast is casual.
Lounges Each of The Blue Trains has two rooms: the main lounge car in which high tea is served each afternoon, and the club car where guests can relax over a post-prandial cognac. The club car is the only public area available for smoking.

Day 1

  • 16:00 Guests register and check-in at The Pretoria Station Lounge, travellers enjoy pre-departure snacks and drinks
  • 18:00 Boarding commences and the butlers usher guests to their suites
  • 18:30 The Blue Train departs from Pretoria Station
  • 19:30 - 21:00 First seating for Dinner
  • 21:15 - 23:00 Second seating for Dinner

Day 2

  • 06:00 – 09:00 Breakfast is served
  • OFF-THE-TRAIN EXCURSION (Weather & time-permitting)
  • 9:30 The Blue Train arrives at Kimberley Station
  • Guests disembark and gather at the railway museum, from where they will be ushered to a bus, which transfers them to the Kimberley Open Mine Museum
  • 10:00 Guests arrive at the Open Mine Museum for a tour of the mine
  • Guests are first taken to view interesting and historical sites, guests are also taken onto an enclosed ramp on the edge of the Big Hole
  • 12:30 Guests depart from the Open Mine Museum for Kimberley Station
  • At Kimberley Station guests are greeted with a glass of sherry. The sherry glass engraved with The Blue Train logo is a memento for guests to keep.
  • 13:00 The Blue Train departs Kimberley Station for the Southbound journey to Cape Town.
  • After this exciting tour, guests are welcome to refresh themselves and enjoy aperitifs served at any one of our lounges.
  • 13:00-14:15 First sitting for Lunch
  • 14:30 – 16:00 Second sitting for Lunch
  • 17:00 High Tea is served in the Non-Smoking Lounge Car
  • 19:30 – 21:00 First sitting for Dinner
  • 21:15 – 23:00 Second sitting for Dinner

Day 3

  • 06:00 - 09:00 Breakfast is served
  • 10:30 The Blue Train arrives at Cape Town Station.
  • Butlers usher guests to The Blue Train Lounge