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River Rafting Vaal River Parys

Enjoy a fun filled and exciting river rafting experience on the Vaal River in South Africa's Free State province. The river rafting journey is either a half day or a full day and starts in Parys.

River Rafting Vaal River Parys Overview

Enjoy a fun-filled and exciting Vaal river rafting experience on the Vaal River in South Africa's Free State province. The river rafting journey is about 19 kilometres for the full day trip and 11 kilometres for the half-day trip and starts in Parys.

We meet at about 09H00 at the local caravan park or in the town of Parys at the put-in point, depending on when and how you travel to Parys. If you stayed over at the caravan park itself, you're there already and can sleep in a bit!

After something to snack on and a cup of coffee to settle the travelling-dust, it's time to fit lifejackets and helmets, and if you haven't been nervous before, you might just get a few butterflies now. But rest assured, after the safety briefing, you will be ready for any action the river can throw your way, and in any case, the stretch we paddle is only class 1 and two white-water; within the capabilities of any novice river-rat. And your safety is of the utmost importance to the very experienced, highly qualified river-guides.

Now for the big moment. We begin our trip in town and after 1 or 2 little rapids just to get our turning left and right sorted out, we get to "Big Daddy", the first and depending on water-level, the most significant rapid of the day. We can have a look at it first (and remember, on any river you always have the option of walking around any fast you don't feel like shooting), but usually it is best just to follow instructions and enjoy the ride!

After "Big Daddy" there is a long flat stretch where we just float along and enjoy nature. But not if the wind blows from the front! Oh no, then "Suicide Mile" can be hard work. But nothing so severe that it can't be cured by a delicious lunch on the banks of the river.

After lunch, there is action with rapids like "Little Niagra", "Look Sharp", "Theatre" etc. We might even catch a good surf in the wave at "Paradise". And yes, there is the Gatsien rapid as well, right at the end just before "Knuckle Crusher".

  1. Half-Day Trip: 11-kilometer stretch, lunch and drinks included
  2. Full-Day Trip: 19-kilometer stretch: light refreshments included