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Quad Biking Hermanus Stargazing

Enjoy an educational quad bike tour and stargazing experience in Hermanus with the team at SA Forest Adventures.

Quad Biking Hermanus Stargazing Overview

The Hermanus Stargazing and Quad Bike Tour is a unique experience for stargazing fanatic. Guests can enjoy a sunset quad biking tour through the mountains of Hermanus followed by an interactive astronomy talk.

As Hermanus is set outside of the city, the sky is particularly bright with stars which provide an awe-inspiring sight for guests. High up in the mountains there is minimal pollution from the town lights, resulting in a clear view of the night sky and its beautiful constellations.

The guides will point out the various formations including Orion and the Southern Cross as well as a variety of other stars, the multiple moon craters and Jupiter's moons.

The tour departs at 7 pm and a minimum of 4 people is essential for the activity to take place.