Princesse Bora Lodge & Spa


The Princesse Bora Lodge and Spa in Madagascar offers luxury and authenticity in one place. This hotel nestles in one of the world’s last authentic places: the Sainte-Marie Island of Madagascar. Sainte-Marie is a tropical island situated just off the beautiful East coast of Northern Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. This island which is now a treasure island for those seeking palm-lined beaches, was originally a haven for pirates and vagabonds.

The 4 - star Lodge & Spa can be found in palm tree grove alongside a white sand beach and lagoon. To make a holiday here even more memorable, visits to Coco Bay and Clipper Bay are recommended which are two private beaches, surrounded by a large forest of coconut trees, belonging to the lodge. In addition, the beach situated in front of the hotel is several kilometres long and goes until the southern point of Sainte-Marie Island and the other smaller island: Île aux Nattes.

Room types:

  • Executive Beach Villa
  • Luxury Villa
  • Comfort Villa

The bar is the ideal place to enjoy a cocktail while admiring the sunset. The rum is a specialty of Sainte-Marie Island and it is a unique flavor with different aromas including vanilla, cinnamon and leeches.