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Chingola Town Tourism Information

Quick Facts: Chingola Town

  • Chingola is located in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia
  • Chingola has an approximate population of 160,000
  • Nchanga Copper Mine
  • Chingola Open Pit and the Nchanga Open Pit
  • The Nchanga Open Pit is the second largest open cast mine in the world
  • Elevation of Chingola: 1363 meters
  • Nchanga North General Hospital and Nchanga South Hospital
  • National Monuments
  • Hippo Pool on the Kafue River
  • Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage

Distance to Airport: 6 Km

Distance to City: 2 Km

Introducing Chingola Town

The city of Chingola is located in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.  Chingola has an approximate population of 160,000.   The Nchanga Copper Mine is situated in Chingola, Zambia.  It is a deep-shaft high-grade content copper mining operation, which led to the development of two open pit operations, the Chingola Open Pit and the Nchanga Open Pit.   The Nchanga Open Pit is the second largest open cast mine in the world.
History of Chingola in Zambia
Chingola in Zambia was founded later than the cities in the south-eastern half of the Copperbelt, in 1943, when the Nchanga Mine was started up. 
Mines at Chingola, Southern Africa
The Nchanga Mines Open Pit workings are located in an arc which is 11 km long around the west and north of the town spreading over 30 km². The deepest part of the Nchanga Mines Open pit is 400 m lower than the surrounding plateau.

Health Facilities in Chingola
Chingola has two hospitals: the Nchanga North General Hospital (Government-owned, bed capacity 283) and the Nchanga South Hospital (privately-owned by the mines, bed capacity about 100).