ROYAL MAIL SHIP St Helena: Catching her while you can

RMS St Helena: Catching her while you can

Two years pass in the blink of an eye so book soon!

The gracious elegance and charm of yesteryear’s ocean travel are slowly going by.  Travellers who truly appreciate the hospitality of a time past have only two years left in which to enjoy a relaxing sea voyage to one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world, namely St Helena.  This exciting journey takes place on one of the last working royal mail ships, the RMS St Helena, making it one of the world’s best-kept travel secrets.

Royal Mail Ship St Helena

Royal Mail Ship St Helena

The era of sea travel on a Royal Mail Ship ends in the year 2016, when this extraordinary ship concludes sailing and the newly built airport opens on the St Helena Island.  Rich in flora and fauna, St Helena Island complements the mission of ‘Unearthing the Exceptional’ for which the Mantis Collection is known for.

The Royal Mail Ship St Helena provides different tours all of which start and end in Cape Town with the ship stopping at interesting places on its way, including St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean.  On board, guests have the chance to explore all that this unique cargo-passenger ship has to offer. In old world style, guests enjoy the sun and sea in a welcoming and relaxed environment.

The officers and staff on board of the RMS St Helena believe in ensuring guests have a memorable voyage, as they participate in the traditional ocean-going pastimes of beef tea, conventional deck games, films, discos, bingo, race nights, quizzes or simply resting on the sun deck at the swimming pool.

St Helena Island

St Helena Island

The beautiful St Helena Island is home to an abundance of scenic landscapes, friendly people and fun-filled activities. Guests can visit Napoleonic sites and walk on land once occupied by prisoners of war during the Boer Wars.  Travellers can also meet Jonathan, which is arguably the oldest tortoise in the world.  Jonathan enjoys life in the manicured gardens of the island’s Plantation House, the governor’s official residence.

A visit to the unique island of St Helena also means exploring the scenic coastal and inland walks. A leisurely escorted tour in the island’s only Charabanc is a highlight, as is the stop at the top of Jacob’s ladder that looks across to Jamestown. The museum in Jamestown is highly recommended. Here the history of Britain’s second oldest colony is laid out in an informative and interesting way.

St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean

St Helena Island in the South Atlantic Ocean

“As part of our growing portfolio of boutique cruises worldwide, we’re extremely excited to be marketing this iconic royal mail ship, one of only two left in the world,” says Adrian Gardiner, chairman of Mantis. “The last of the RMS fleet will sail its final voyage when the airport on St. Helena Island is unveiled and it is an honour to have this vessel in our collection get on board the RMS while you can.”

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