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The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site

Maropeng Boutique Hotel, Gauteng, South Africa

While discovering the interesting sites at the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site in South Africa’s North West Province, guests enjoy accommodation at The Maropeng Hotel.  Exciting walking tours, bone detectives, star gazing and many other activities and tours are offered to visitors allowing for a great discovery of humanity!

Maropeng Hotel Magaliesberg

Fossil-finders aren’t keepers here in South Africa

In the United States there is a law relating to the discovery of dinosaur fossils on private land called the “finders keepers”. This means that throughout the USA, if one finds a dinosaur fossil on their private land, one can do with it whatever one likes as it belongs to the finder.

In contrast to the US, South Africa’s law governing the discovery of fossils is clear.  All fossils, archaeological material and meteorites are protected by the ‘National Heritage Resources Act’, and are all regarded as part of the ‘National Estate’ of South Africa.  According to the South African legislation, no fossils may be excavated, collected, sold or traded in South Africa without a valid permit making fossils worthless in that they don’t have a monetary value.

The first face: fish

A recent study announced the origins of the first face.  Strangely, the first-ever species to have had a face as we recognise it today, with the eyes set below the forehead and above the cheekbones and a top and bottom jaw structure, was a fish – a placoderm which resided in Yunnan, China, around 419-million years ago. The primitive fish species, named Entelognathus primordialis, could explain when and how vertebrates (and humans) acquired faces.

First Face: Entelognathus Primordialis

The stargazers: 2 Nov 2013

Visitors can join Maropeng’s resident astronomer, Mr Vincent Nettmann, for an informative introduction to the night sky of South Africa and the world’s first stargazers.  The event includes a discussion about the evolution of astronomy as a science and the concurrent development of the way we now think about the stars and sky above us.  Nettmann’s presentation features exquisite images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Star gazing South Africa

Bone Detectives: 16 Nov 2013

Maropeng’s resident Bone Detective, Brendon Billings, provides an evening of fine dining and a hearty and interactive discussion on the fascinating topic of palaeoanthropology.  After dinner at the Maropeng Hotel restaurant, visitors gather in the lounge to enjoy a robust discussion with the Bone Detective and have the unique opportunity to get to grips with some amazing fossil and bone casts.

Swartkrans Walking Tour: 23 Nov 2013

Swartkrans is one of the Cradle’s richest fossil sites. It has yielded the largest sample of Paranthropus robustus and bears evidence of the use of controlled fire in Southern Africa, dating back about 1-million years. On these exciting walking tours, small groups have the rare opportunity to observe an active palaeontological dig and will be guided around the site by scientist Dr Morris Sutton, who is currently excavating there.

Book your stay now at the Maropeng Hotel which is the epitome of luxury accommodation at The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site in South Africa!

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