FRIDAY FOOD FEATURE: Recipe for Chocolate Cremeux


Tastes and Textures of Strawberry with Chocolate Cremeux from The Greenhouse

Indulge in delicious chocolate prepared by the Head Chef of The Greenhouse Restaurant, Gerald van der Walt, at the Cellars Hohenort Hotel and Spa in Cape Town, South Africa.  He shares with us this uniquely prepared recipe for Chocolate Cremeux which is a mouth-watering creamy dessert mousse, served chilled.

Chocolate Desert from the Cellars Hohenort Hotel in Cape Town


Basic custard:
500g whipping cream
500g milk
200g egg yolks
100g castor sugar

1000g basic custard
415g Manjari Valrhona (or any other good quality chocolate)

The Cellars Hohenort Hotel and Spa in Cape Town

Bring the milk and the cream to the boil and pour over the eggs, which must be previously mixed, but not beaten with the sugar. Cook at around 82˚C/84˚C until it coats the back of a spoon.

Strain the mixture through a fine chinois and then add the chopped or melted chocolate using a rubber spatula to obtain a smooth, shiny texture. It can be blended with a hand blender, but make sure that no air is incorporated and that you are working above 35˚C. Pour the mixture into a mould and then leave overnight to set. Serve chilled.  Our serving suggestion is to plate this desert with freshly cut strawberries and whipped cream.

Dining at the Cellars Hohenort Hotel and Spa, Cape Town



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