FRIDAY FOOD FEATURE: Michelangelo Hotels Chef Rob presents Cape Malay Ostrich recipe


Michelangelo Hotels Chef Rob presents Cape Malay Ostrich recipe

The cuisine served at the legendary, five star Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, has always been recognized as one of the best fine dining experiences in Southern Africa.  Follow the easy steps to prepare a delicious Cape Malay Ostrich served with confit ostrich babotie, butternut puree, spinach dahltjies, and melon chutney.

Cape Malay Ostrich Recipe

Ingredients for the Ostrich babootie:
Ostrich neck 1kg
Curry leaves 1kg
Oil 1L
Onion 350g
Curry powder 5g
Garam masala 10g
Tumeric 7g
Apricot Jam 10g
Egg 6 ea
Jus 1

Ingredients for the Butternut puree:
Butternut 750 g
Butter 1kg
Salt 5g
Pepper 5g

Ingredients for the Spinach dalhtjies:
Spinach 1kg
Chlli bite mix 1 pkt
Oil 500ml

Ingredients for the Melon Chutney:
Sweet melon 500g
Cardamom 5g
Cloves 5g
Chilli 5g
Coriander seeds 7g
Fresh coriander 10g
Vinegar 1L
Sugar 500g
Ostrich fillet 180g
Coriander shoots 80g

For the ostrich bobotie
1. This takes a bit of time to prepare: Ensure the ostrich neck is patted dry.
2. Place in a tray with the curry leaves & cover with oil, cook for 12 hours at 80 ̊C (as ostrich is a lean meat it is not necessary to salt) .
3. Once the ostrich is cooked remove from the oil and pat dry keeping the oil to make the babootie.
4. Remove the meat from the bone & chop.
5. Finely dice the onion and heat a little of the confit oil to a pan.
6. Fry the onion until translucent, the add the spices and cook for a further minute.
7. Add the ostrich meat and mix through so the spice coats the meat.
8. Add the jam & jus and allow to cook down to a babootie consistency
9. Place in the silicon mould top with beaten egg & bake.
10. Cool & store ready to be reheated for service.

For the butternut puree
1. Clean & dice the butternut, place in vacuum bag with the other ingredients & seal.
2. Cook in a pot of simmering water.
3. Remove from the water & bag & puree in the blender & store.

For the spinach dalhtjies
1. Wash the spinach & remove from the stem.
2. Blanche the spinach in boiling water & refresh in ice water.
3. Drain and pat dry then finally shred.
4. Mix with the dalhjtie mix and add just enough water to form a stiff dough.
5. Roll into balls & fry in the fryer

For the melon chutney
1. Clean & dice the melon.
2. In a warm pot slightly toast the spices.
3. Add the sugar & vinegar and cook down to a syrup.
4. Add the melon and cook until just tender.
5. Strain the melon off and place in a tray to cool, remove the cardamom pods & cloves.
6. The syrup will need to go back stove as the melon releases a lot of liquid.
7. Reduce it down again to a thick syrup, allow to cool & mix with the melon & store.

For the Dish Grill the ostrich fillet, & heat the other elements, garnish with coriander shoots. Enjoy a delicious winter warmer meal!

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