Ellerman House CAPE TOWN launches WINE CELLAR

Ellerman House launches Wine Cellar

Cape Town, Western Cape / South Africa

The newly opened wine cellar at the five star Ellerman House Boutique Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, is more a work of art than merely a wine cellar.  It is here in this extraordinary wine cellar where sophisticated wine bottle storage in state-of-the-art wine racks can be admired.  The temperature-controlled subterranean cellars features a collection of 7500 vintage and rare wines.

Ellerman House Wine Cellar

A media wine library, a brandy tasting lounge as well as a maturation cellars for white and red wines are featured here. A special addition of Ellerman House’s wine cellar is the Champagne Cellar which is stocked exclusively with rare and special vintages of Dom Perignon.

South Africa’s prestigious Ellerman House has also included a wine App for iPad which provides detailed information about South African wines, including tasting notes for individual wines in synch with the hotel’s wine list.

Ellerman House Cape Town


– Unique wine storage solutions for 7500-bottle collection

– Experiential wine tasting centre, bar and interactive wine library

– Brandy tasting lounge

– Red and white wine maturation cellars for vintage and rare bottles

– Champagne cellar, stocking rare and special vintages of Dom Perignon

– Cutting-edge technology meets ancient craft forms and natural materials

– Inspired by the handcrafted nature of iconic wines, as well as the organic nature and structure of the vines, the vineyards and the terroir

– Natural materials, such as wood, granite and metal, left in their raw natural state to weather over time, revealing their innate, intrinsic beauty

– Total size of wine gallery: 202.76m² or 2182.49ft²

– the Three-bedroom Ellerman House Villa Two  is located above the wine gallery.


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