Delightful whale and dolphin encounters in Mozambique

 Delightful whale and dolphin encounters

White Pearl Resorts, Mozambique

Sensitive to the amazing ocean mammals, the exclusive White Pearl Resorts offers exciting small-group experiences for guests.  If you have ever had the privilege to witness from a close distance that lazy fin lifting out of the water and then flopping down again and a few minutes later seeing a huge tail flapping above the level of the ocean, then you’ll appreciate the thrill of whale watching in Mozambique.  It is so close to a breath-taking experience that it can bring a tear to the most hardened eye.

White Pearl Resorts in Mozambique

To ensure a truly memorable close-up and personal encounter with this giant ocean mammal, the White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli, on the coast of Mozambique, offers whale watching from a private boat which launches a few steps away from the five-star luxury hotel which offers guests a sophisticated yet laid-back place to relax and enjoy.

There is neither the need to drive to a popular tourist venue nor to be squashed in with many other travellers – White Pearl Resorts’ guests enjoy the ultimate authentic adventure with a knowledgeable guide who fills enquiring minds with interesting facts about the physical aspects and behavioural patterns of the whales of this region.

These include the Southern Right whales as well as the Humpback whales; the latter being more prolific. If you spot a stream of spray rising three to four metres into the air it is sure to be a Humpback whale. This whale breathes through two blow holes located on the top of its head. It weighs up to 45 tons, can remain submerged for up to 30 minutes and is able to dive to depths of 200 metres.

Whales in Mozambique

However, remember it’s not only the whales that offer an invigorating activity during a stay at this beach resort in Mozambique. Swimming with the dolphins at Ponto D’Ouro is another fulfilling experience – and again, at White Pearl Resorts, guests are assured a personalised encounter, riding in a boat that transports only the hotel’s guests.  White Pearl Resorts’ management team is on a quest to offer guests the most authentic, unusual and inspirational experiences that will live in their memories for a lifetime.

Swimming with Dolphins in Mozambique


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