Cape Town has water!

May 2018

Cape Town has water! Yes, we have less than we did five years ago, but yes you can shower, yes you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and swim, yes you can flush the toilet when you need to. We are just asking guests to be aware of not using more water than you actually need.  

The majority of large hotels in the Cape Town area are already using alternative water source’s and have committed to reduce their water consumption by using grey-water and underground water systems where they can, to ensure all the guests will enjoy their stay. 

As a resident, I can personally assure you I have been able to drink water directly from the tap, wash my hair, wash clothes and dishes as well as flush the toilet within the asked for, 50L daily target. Yes, certainly I use less water than I used to, with simple changes, for instance making sure I turn the tap off whilst cleaning my teeth or putting shampoo on my hair.  All little changes any visitor to Cape Town can do without any real effort!  

Cape Town has started using an automated system that reduces the water pressure which enables the city to save water, again without any noticeable inconvenience ensuring you will be able to have enough water to enjoy your time in the Mother City! 

Cape Town has three desalination plants which will soon come into effect which will increase the water supply into the system and ensure that Day Zero is assigned to the history books as a day that never actually took place.  

Spending time in Cape Town is just as wonderful as it always has been, we just appreciate water more!

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