Update on Faraja, our adopted baby elephant!

Posted: November 20, 2012

Update on Faraja, our adopted baby elephant!

Faraja - our adopted baby elephant!

Faraja – our adopted baby elephant!

You may or may not now, but sometime ago South African Hotels fostered a orphaned baby elephant through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Faraja is his name and he has continued to grow from strength to strength since his rescue, here is just a small update as to how he is doing. Unfortunately our little elephant is not very fond of bathing and instead stands on the edge of the mud waterhole as he watches his friends having fun. However his mother likes to spray him using her trunk, prompting him to join in. Faraja has also developed fond friendships with new orphans Ngasha and Teleki and is often seen sneaking off with one of his new friends.

Faraja at the mudbath

Faraja at the mudbath

If you are interested in helping out a baby elephant or rhino then you should consider fostering one as a Christmas gift. This inexpensive gift means that you and the receiver can really make a difference in one of these animals lives. A staggering number of African elephants and rhinos are killed every year by poaching, often leaving behind their helpless young. This unique programme really gives each individual the opportunity to make a difference in one of these animal’s lives.

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