Madagascar – Did You Know?

Posted: August 24, 2012

Madagascar – Did You Know?

Madagascar is an island of great beauty and unspoilt nature and wilderness.

We would like to share some facts with you about this Gem of an Island in the Indian Ocean.




Madagascar - Gem of an Island

Madagascar – Gem of an Island

Did You Know These Madagascar Facts?

– The Bandro Lemur is the only primate worldwide to live its entire life over water.

– The ring-tailed lemur has a black ringed fluffy white tail which is longer than its body.

– The Tsingy de Bemaraha region in Madagascar is home to razor sharp limestones.

– 80% of plants and animals exist nowhere else but on the island of Madagascar.

– The water which separates the continent of Africa and Madagascar is known as the Mozambique Channel.

– Settlers first arrived in Madagascar more than 1500 years ago.

– The Verreaux’s Sifaka lemur never drinks water. It supplies its body with the necessary water for life from the vegetation it eats.

– The wing span of the Madagascar Fish Eagle reaches up to 6 feet.

– Madagascar’s largest carnivore, the Fossa, is an ancient relative to the Mongoose.

– The Fat-tailed Dwarf lemur hibernates for 9 months of the year and replenishes its nutrition during hibernation using fat stored in its tail.

– Chameleons change colour in order to communicate.

– The Aye-Aye is a kind of lemur which uses razor sharp teeth and a long probing middle claw to catch wood grubs.

– The Foot-long Walking Stick uses its wings to frighten predators.

– There were about 50 different types of lemurs in Madagascar before humans arrived (only 32 types of lemurs still exist today)!

– The world’s smallest chameleon, the Brookesia Minima, is only 1 inch long.

– 50 species of chameleons exist on the Island of Madagascar.

– The Southern region of Madagascar is the country’s driest region, receiving less than 1 foot of rain per year.

– The male radiated tortoise gets a reluctant female to mate with him by trying to tip her over!

– Only 1/10 of Madagascar’s natural habitat remains intact today!

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