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Combat Mission Adventure Huey Helicopter Flight Cape Town

Experience the ultimate rush of the Combat Mission adventure flight through the Combat Zone on a genuine Vietnam Huey helicopter along the shores of the untamed West Coast of South Africa. Low flying over endless beaches, with the wind rushing in your ears and adrenalin pumping in your veins as you manoeuvre through the Blouberg Hills.

Combat Mission Adventure Huey Helicopter Flight Cape Town Overview

The Helicopter Company owns and operates the only Huey Helicopter based at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. The Huey is fully licensed and certified by the Air Service Licensing Council of South Africa and the South African Civil Aviation Authority and is permitted to carry nine passengers at a time on tourist flights ranging from the 30 minutes “simulated” combat mission, the half peninsula or Cape Point flight.

The Helicopter Flight Cape Town has done two tours in Vietnam and spent a great deal of its life training pilots at Fort Rucker, Alabama. After purchasing the helicopter, it was stolen by a sheriff and used without consent during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A federal court order returned the helicopter to its rightful owner. 

Flight details: 

30-minute combat mission

Experience the ultimate rush of the Combat Mission adventure flight through the Combat Zone on a genuine Vietnam Huey helicopter along the shores of the untamed West Coast of South Africa.  Low flying over endless beaches, with the wind rushing in your ears and adrenalin pumping in your veins as you manoeuvre through the Blouberg Hills.

  • flight times quoted are maximum flight times and may vary by as much as 20%
  • minimum 6 passengers for per person rate
  • for private flights with the Huey, please request cost

Flight Options

Huey: Simulated Combat Flight (about 30 minutes)

Low flying over the beaches of the West Coast, sharp manoeuvres through Blouberg Hills, a simulated combat flight that will leave you on the edge of your seat and beg for more

Huey: Cape Point Scenic (about 60 minutes)

Waterfront – Clifton – Camps Bay – Hout Bay – Noordhoek – Kommetjie – Scarborough – Cape Point – Simonstown – Fish Hoek – Muizenberg – Constantia – Mountain – City Bowl – Waterfront

Frequently asked questions about the Scenic Helicopter Trips Cape Town

- May I make a video of our actual tour?
Our flights aren't captured on Video. Therefore we allow the passengers to bring their camera's on the flight.

- What should we wear?
Dress comfortable, the temperature in the helicopter is the same as outside. If you plan to take photographs we recommend wearing darker colours to reduce any window reflections. Hats are not allowed to be worn around the helicopters as they can fly up into the rotors and damage the aircraft. We will be happy to hold any hats for you until you return from your tour. Huey: Bring warm Jersey. Camera. Sunglasses. No loose shoes (flip-flops). No caps/hats or scarves. Jetranger & Longranger: Camera. Sunglasses. No caps, hats or scarves.
- Do you recommend taking anti-motion sickness medication?
If you are particularly prone to motion sickness, taking a precautionary anti-motion sickness medication is a good idea. However, our flights are very smooth and turns are slow and gentle (except for the HUEY COMBAT MISSION). Some of our tours are professional scenic tours, and some are designed to thrill ride. Most people do not experience motion sickness and do not need anti-motion sickness medication.

- When is the best time to fly?
We suggest that you book your helicopter flight prior to arrival in Cape Town, South Africa. This assures you of a tour time that fits into your vacation plans. It’s also wise to book your tour for the early part of your stay. That way if your pilot determines that weather conditions on a particular day are not optimal for a tour, you will have some options for re-scheduling. As far as the best time of day for a helicopter tour, you should primarily consider your personal schedule. Most of the time we are blessed with beautiful weather in Cape Town and the time of day, whether it be morning or afternoon, will make no difference. If we happen to have a rainy weather pattern the pilot will consult weather reports and other pilots who have been flying to determine if we can operate a good tour. The Huey Helicopter Co & Sports Helicopters does not want to take our guests on a flight unless we are reasonably certain we can give you an excellent experience.
- How much experience do your pilots have?
All pilots for The Huey Helicopter Co & Sports Helicopters are highly experienced & fully certified. Our pilots and engineers are a group of dedicated aviators whose vast experience largely contributes to the maintenance of our impeccable safety record.

- How long have The Huey Helicopter Co & Sports Helicopters been in business? December 2006.

- Does The Huey Helicopter Co & Sports Helicopters offer flights that are not primarily for scenic viewing?
Yes. We are a charter company, We offer specialised tours to Game Farms, Wine estates etc. and provide flights to and from the airport.

- What are your hours of operation?
We open for business at 8:00 am each day and close at 5:00 pm, South African Time. Everyday with exception to Christmas day.
- Is there a weight restriction?
If a passenger weighs more than 250lbs (114kgs), you will be charged for a seat and a half. There are weight restrictions, and therefore if you have any queries, it is best to inquire while making your booking.

- Will we be the only ones in the helicopter? How is the seating arranged?
The Huey is a shared flight with other guests (unless chartered privately) Seating is done by weight and balance. However, all seats are great as there are no doors. With Jetranger, Longranger flight, flights are private. However, we do reserve the right to share the trip.

- Are we guaranteed to see all of the sights mentioned in your tour descriptions?
The points of interest mentioned in our tour descriptions are highlights of the tour, which we always do our best to show you depending on wind and weather. Each tour is unique in that we'll show you the best currently available scenery while also trying to accommodate all of your special requests within the allotted time.
- What type of Helicopters do we fly?
Sports Helicopters operates Bell Jetrangers (4 passengers), a Bell Longranger (6 passengers) and a Bell Huey (9 passengers).

- Is the Huey Combat an aerobatic flight?
The Huey flies a simulated Combat mission, and does low-level flying and sharp manoeuvres, to give you the feel of Vietnam, it does not flip, and it is not aerobatic.

- Is there an age limit?
Huey: No under 7-year-olds. An adult must accompany all minors under the age of 18. Jetrangers / Longranger: All ages.
- Can I fly if I am pregnant?

- Are we alone in the helicopter?
Huey: The Huey takes nine passengers and seats are sold on an individual basis. Jetranger / Longranger: This will be a private flight.

- What happens if the weather is terrible?
Clients will be advised regarding the weather. Should the flight not be able to take place at the scheduled time we would try to reschedule the trip or do a refund.

- What times and days do we fly?
Sports Helicopters operates seven days a week from 08h00 till 17h00. All flights are on a booking basis. Booking is essential.

- Where is the departure location?
We are situated in the V & A Waterfront. 

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